Medical researchers have discovered that while some of stroke victim’s brain tissue may be damaged irreversibly, surrounding tissue is merely dormant and may be restored. These surrounding areas (ischemic penumbra) are responsible for much of the disability present in stroke. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy can revive these areas and dramatically restore functionality.

Often, the death of brain tissues may be accompanied by the swelling of tissue in the surrounding area. This results is restricted blood flow and decreased oxygen to the brain. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment allows oxygen to penetrate affected areas and decrease swelling in traumatized tissue. Oxygen is dissolved in the plasma and nourishes tissues, regenerating new blood vessels and aiding in the repair and restoration of glial cells, extracellular matrix and injured neurons.

Strokes occur when a blood vessel is blocked or bursts suddenly. Brain cells are damaged and the corresponding parts of the body may become paralyzed or severely limited.

What Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment can do 

Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment can awaken dormant tissues, improve blood flow to the brain and reduce swelling in damaged areas. Research has shown Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment to be effective in Stroke patient improvements in:

  • Balance
  • Speech
  • Memory and cognitive function