About us

Athens Hyperbaric Medicine is a specialized center with extensive experience in Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine since 2009.

Athens Hyperbaric Medicine is equipped with an ultra-modern, multi-user latest generation decompression chamber. Inhaling oxygen in a hyperbaric environment allows up to 20 times more dissolved oxygen in the blood plasma; this helps the body carry more oxygen to areas with affected perfusion, e.g. areas with swelling, inflammation, vascular and other problems.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy optimizes the action of the treatment, limiting the extent of damage and accelerating healing and recovery.

Nowadays, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is applied to a multitude of internal medicine and surgical cases, in more than 7,500 Hyperbaric Medicine Centers worldwide.


Our mission is to deliver outstanding, tailored service to each individual.

We will carefully monitor your progress throughout treatment to ensure that you see and feel the improvement.

Aside from delivering a tailored care plan, we guarantee a relaxing, positive experience at our center, through fast appointment confirmation.

Each client is carefully assessed in an initial consultation with our hyperbaric expert to establish suitability for hyperbaric oxygen therapy.